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Licensing Requirements for Brokers in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission (referred to as the Commission) established specific requirements to qualify for a Brokers license in Pennsylvania. Scott-White is here to ensure you meet those requirements.

In order to qualify for a broker license, you must be a licensed salesperson and work in real estate for 3 years.

All real estate broker candidate qualifications MUST be submitted to the State Real Estate Commission for review and approval prior to examination. Candidates must possess the required education and experience, prior to the examination, and be authorized by the Commission to take the examination. Contact the Commission office in Harrisburg to secure an application for “Brokers Examination Authorization” (Form SPOA 2103). Candidates should not make an examination reservation until this review process is completed. The determination of eligibility is a lengthy process and candidates should allow several weeks for its completion.

Licensing Requirements for
Real Estate Salesperson in Pennsylvania

The criteria outlined below must be met to qualify to take the broker examination. Candidates must:

  • Be at least twenty-one (21) years old.
  • Be at least a high school graduate or equivalent.
  • Have at least three (3) years of experience as a licensed salesperson or at least 3 years of equivalent experience (Details of Broker Experience Requirements).
  • Have completed 16 credits or 240 hours of real estate instruction within ten (10) years prior to successful completion of the licensing examination (Details of Broker Education Requirements).

SPOA 2103 can be submitted along with all required documents and a $40.00 qualification review fee, payable by check or money order to the “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” and mail to:

Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission
P.O. Box 2649
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649

If you are deemed eligible, the Commission will send you a Certification of Examination Eligibility Registration Form, including instructions for contacting PSI about scheduling/paying for the Broker Examination. The Commission will also fax a copy of this registration form to PSI at the same time it is sent to you. If you are not eligible, you will be so notified by the Commission.

Broker Education Requirements:

The education requirement for all applicants is 16 Credits or 240 hours of instruction (1 credit is equivalent to 15 hours). The Commission will apply the following standards in determining whether an applicant has met the requirements.

All education must be obtained at:

  • An accredited college or university
  • A Commission-approved Pennsylvania real estate school
  • A real estate school, approved by the real estate licensing authority of the jurisdiction where the school is located

An applicant who has obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree with a major in real estate or a Juris Doctor degree will be deemed to have met the requirements. All other applicants must obtain at least the necessary credits outlined by the Commission. For more information on credits and eligibility, please fill out the form on this page, and a member of our team will call you.

Broker Experience Requirements:

An applicant must document a MINIMUM of three (3) years of real estate experience, and must acquire 200 points in order to qualify for the real estate broker licensing examination. Points will be acquired based upon the following system:

Sale: 5 points
Exclusive Listing which Sold:5 points
Unsold Exclusive Listing: 1 point
Lease: 5 points

Sale: 5 points
Exclusive Listing which Sold: 5 points
Unsold Exclusive Listing: 1 point
Lease: 1 point

Property Management Assistance: For each month of full-time employment in property management assistance, an applicant will be granted six (6) points. A month of full-time employment is defined as a month in which the applicant devoted his/her full time to performing in this capacity and which the applicant did not perform or earn points for any other real estate activity.

An applicant who is not a licensed salesperson may be considered to have fulfilled the requirement if the applicant has three (3) years experience that is the equivalent to three (3) years experience as a licensed salesperson. This experience cannot be in activity that was performed in violation of the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act or the Commission’s Rules and Regulations. Each applicant’s qualifications will be individually evaluated based upon his/her documented activities. Applicants who may qualify under this section may include, but not be limited to, attorneys, builder-developers, and government employees.

An applicant who offers experience as an attorney in fulfillment of the requirement should have experience beyond such typical real estate-related legal services as preparing deeds, contracts and leases; performing title searches; representing principals at settlement; and conducting settlements. Relevant experience would include, but not be limited to, counseling in real estate issues or areas where the advice is not primarily legal in scope; selling, purchasing or managing real estate, whether for personal use or not; and actively participating in negotiations – other than for legal issues – regarding the sale, purchase or sale of real estate.

An applicant who possesses a real estate broker’s license in another jurisdiction that has been active for at least three (3) full years prior to submission of a properly completed license application is deemed to have fulfilled this experience requirement provided he/she has submitted a notarized statement indicating the specific dates of active practice and a certification of licensure from the real estate licensing authority of that jurisdiction which indicates active licensure of at least three (3) full years.

For all additional information about eligibility and licensing, please complete this form and a member of our team will be in
contact shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Scott-White Career Institute LLC
Salesperson Pre-Licensing Enrollment Contract & Registration Form

In consideration of the SCOTT-WHITE CAREER INSTITUTE, herein referred to as “The School”, accepting me as a student and providing me the instruction in Real Estate as agreed; I agree to pay the required tuition at or prior to the execution of this agreement and abide by the following rules and regulations set forth by “The School”:

I am aware of the ATTENDANCE POLICY of “The School” as imposed by the Real Estate Commission, which requires that I attend at least 80% of the class time.

If I miss more than the permitted time, I understand that I will not be issued an official transcript and it will be my responsibility to make arrangements to make up any missed time when the course is offered again in order to obtain one.

I also understand if I fail to make up the missed required time within 2 months, I will be required to pay for and take the course again.

If I miss 3 consecutive classes with no notification given to “the School”, I will be dis-enrolled automatically and any attempt to continue will be denied unless I have re-registered and repaid for a new enrollment date.

I agree to adhere to an academic average of 75% as set forth by the real estate commission. I understand that if I fail to maintain or achieve this course standard at the conclusion of the applicable course, I will not be issued an official transcript.

I agree to hold “The School” harmless from any liability as a result of my failure to successfully complete any course. This means I will adhere to BOTH Real Estate Commission standards of ACADEMICS and ATTENDANCE. I hereby acknowledge, by my signature, that my failure to perform in either one of these areas will prevent me from obtaining an official transcript. I must thereby, repeat and repay for any and all applicable courses that I failed to achieve course standards, in order to be provided my official transcript.

If I am unable to attend the course(s) that I am registering for, I will notify “The School” prior to the beginning of the first day of class and I will be given a refund less a $25.00 administrative fee plus any applicable credit card servicing fees.

Once the course I registered for begins, I understand that I will not receive a refund of any amount that I have rendered to “The School”.
If I fail to attend, or fail to notify “The School”, that I am unable to attend, I understand that I will lose any money paid once the course I registered for begins.

If I foresee a course conflict, I may reschedule my course by notifying “The School” within 7 calendar days of the start of the first course. “The School” will allow me to reschedule the course within a 2- month period. Any tuition paid to “The School” will be applied to that rescheduled course in the event “the school” is notified in the first 7 day period.

On the 8th calendar day from the start of the first course I registered for, I will be bound to both registration dates that appear on this contract. THEREBY, IF I CANNOT ATTEND THE SECOND COURSE, I MUST REPAY AND RE-REGISTER FOR A NEW COURSE DATE.

“The School” shall have the right to discontinue instruction and cancel this agreement at any time for violation of the rules or disruptive conduct during class, or if I should refuse to take the instruction when scheduled.

While I attend any training on “The School” premise, “The School” has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy with regards to the following matters: No drugs or any related paraphernalia will be allowed; No Weapons of any kind or objects that can be construed as weapons will be permitted; No physical or sexual harassment nor verbal or physical discrimination will be tolerated. No cheating in any form will be allowed at any time. In the event “The School” is made aware of any of the conditions set here in, I understand that my instruction will be discontinued, my registration revoked, and thereby, I will be removed from the course and the “The School” permanently.

If I miss any testable material or examinations due to missing a scheduled class, I understand that any testable material must be done in a proctored environment controlled by “the School”. In the event “the School” bears witness to a recorded score while there is an academic absence, the grade I received will not count and I will be found in violation of cheating. I understand that this alone may be grounds for the revocation of my enrollment. In addition to consenting to making up my assignments in a proctored environment, I also recognize that I must make up any and all material before the last scheduled Friday of the course I am registered for. If I fail to do so, I will receive a zero for all pending assignments which will have an adverse effect to my academic average.

“The School” has the right to substitute any study or field work in connection with its courses when changing conditions in the field of study, in “The School’s” judgment, indicate same.

I agree to hold “The School” harmless from any liability as a result of my failure to successfully complete the course, from injuries sustained while in class, or injuries sustained on the way to or from the site of the course.

I agree not to share any course material with any non-paying student. I understand that doing so will be considered an effort to conspire and cheat and, thereby, be grounds for termination.

I agree to keep a photo-copy of this form future records. And hereby, In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal on the bottom signature line consenting and agreeing to all terms and conditions set forth on both sides of this form.

NOTE: The Scott-White Career Institute, LLC is not bound by any oral agreement or representations other than those specified herein.
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal

I Accept the Terms and Conditions