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In order to qualify and receive a PA Real Estate Salespersons License one must:

  • Successfully complete 60 Hours of real estate education in the required courses of Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practice at an approved educational institution.
  • Pass the Salespersons License Exam, administered by a state approved testing agency.
  • Affiliate with a Real Estate Company (Broker), through whom the license will be issued.
No it does not matter.. Each course covers different material all of which is needed to prepare for the State Exam. One can start with either Fundamentals or Practice. Students should recognize the importance of study, a highly motivated student with good self discipline is important. Students who take both courses at the same time must realize that the study time will be doubled.

Keep in mind that “Haste makes waste” for many students with jobs and families who try to finish quicker. It is not better due to the need for study outside of class. At Scott-White you can attend 8 weeks (Monday and Thursday Mornings from 9:00 AM to 12:45 PM OR Monday and Thursday Evenings from 6:00 PM to 9:45 PM) or 4 weeks by attending both Monday & Thursday mornings AND Monday & Thursday evenings. We do not recommend the 4 week schedule due to the increased amount of study time needed and the possibility of confusing the material from mornings to evenings. Our goal, which should also be yours, is to prepare to Pass the Exam the First Time.

Students may enroll by clicking on the Registration tab at the top left of this page or in person at the Institute’s office, by mail, to Scott-White Real Estate Institute 2285 Schoenersville Rd. Suite 202 Bethlehem, PA 18017, fax at 610-867-4200 or telephone, at 610-867-6600. A $50.00 deposit is required with all registrations and the balance of the tuition is due by the first class. It is important that when you register, the information provided be complete and accurate because the transcripts and exam registration form will contain the information you give us and should agree with your drivers license (photo ID). Soon you will be able to register on line from our web site.

We may only issue transcripts to those students who have earned a passing grade for the course and have sufficient attendance (80%). Transcripts are usually available and mailed within 5 business days after the course ends. We will provide a partially completed PSI Exam Registration form and 2 transcripts, one of the transcripts and the PSI Exam Registration form must be sent to PSI to determine eligibility, after passing the state exam the other transcript must be mailed to the Real Estate Commission with the exam results, the background check and the application for licensure. A fee of $10.00 will be charged for lost transcripts.

We can provide you with a replacement transcript, however you must pick it up in person and pay $10.00 cash at that time. We don’t mail replacement transcripts that are paid for by check for 4 weeks to allow for the check to clear. Credit cards are not accepted for replacement transcripts.

You may not take the Exam Prep Course until you have completed both Fundamentals & Practice. The work assignments in the prep course may deal with material that has not been covered in Fundamentals or Practice yet. It is important that the courses be taken in the recommended order to maximize learning and assure you of the best chance to pass the licensing exam the 1st time.

The state regulations require that all students have attended at least 80% of the class time. If you miss more than 20% of the course hours (6 hours) you must make up the missed time before a transcript will be issued. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their missed time and attend the classes or class time missed. For example if you miss the last 2 hours of class session #2 and the last 2 hours of class #3 and all of class #5, you must attend the last 2 hours of at least one of those specific classes or the entire class #5. It is up to the student to determine when the class time to be made up will be offered next, and to tell the instructor while at the podium (where the class roster is) that you are here to make up class time. Re-taking class time already attended will not satisfy the make up requirements.

Yes it is. Only about 72% of the people who take the exam each month across Pennsylvania pass the exam the 1st time. While we can’t guarantee that you will pass, over the many years we have been in operation most of our students have passed the exam the 1st time. However the exam should not be taken lightly as the questions are tricky and preparation requires study outside of the classroom and good test taking skills. Real Estate transactions often involve the largest financial commitment of people’s lives and the Real Estate Agent needs the knowledge to assist the consumer and answer their questions.

No. An application and license fee must be submitted to the state and then when the license is received one may then begin working in real estate.

Anyone can take the courses without a sponsor and after successful completion of the courses also take the state licensing exam without a sponsor. However in order to apply for a Real Estate license one must be associated with a real estate company and the Broker of Record for that company must sign the application for a license.

While some companies expect certain commitments from people they hire, most are always looking for additional salespeople.

You may transfer your license to another real estate company anytime as long as the proper form and fee are sent to the state Real Estate Commission

Once the license is issued, it will be active until May 31 of the next EVEN numbered year. In order to renew the license one must complete 14 hours of Continuing Education and submit a renewal form and fee.

You may come up with additional questions as time goes by, most of which will probably be answered in the courses. However if you have questions at any time you may ask your instructor or call the office. Questions regarding the course material must always be answered in class by the instructor, other questions not pertaining to the instructional material may be answered by the Institute’s office staff or director.